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Your NXT® home can achieve lock up in four days and practical completion in two months

In a first-of-its-kind building project, we recently constructed a NXT® residence from slab to lock up in just four days, and the home reached practical completion in only two months. 


This unprecedented start-to-finish build time is four times faster than traditional construction methods, and is made possible by our game-changing NXT® technological capabilities, efficient design and just-in-time manufacturing process. 

NXT® is committed to delivering rapid housing solutions for Western Australia, with high-quality concrete and steel dwellings, which are also affordable.

WA Council says yes to 26-Room Mega-Mansion

NXT TEC Ltd made headlines with the announcement of development approval for the world’s largest private residence, Madalyn Manor, to be built in Chittering, Western Australia.


Valued at $200 million, this 40,000sqm architectural marvel nestled within a 475ha site, designed by Mataki Lim, visionary developer and inventor of the NXT® Building System, is a tribute to his late daughter.


To be constructed using NXT TEC’s patented superstructure technology, the Manor features 26 rooms across four floors, including four specialised kitchens for French, Swedish, Japanese, and Italian cuisine.


This project not only showcases the versatility and sophistication of the NXT® Building System but also reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability and the creation of something truly extraordinary. Madalyn Manor represents an investment in luxury living and the future prosperity of Chittering and its surrounding areas.

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WAtoday: WA’s housing shortfall is worsening. Could ‘Lego’-style homes speed things up?

NXT TEC. was featured in an article in WAtoday on 27 March 2024 as a solution to Western Australia’s ongoing housing crisis. 


Speaking to Sarah Brookes, NXT TEC.’s Chairman and Managing Director Natasha Di Ciano, discussed how NXT TEC.’s innovative NXT® Technologies, which form the NXT® Building System, allow for precision manufacturing to take place offsite, before the pre-built concrete and steel components are assembled onsite. 

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Business News ESG Issue 11: Elevating Indigenous Opportunity


NXT TEC. featured on the front cover of Business News ESG’ November 2023 issue.


Noongar Mia Mia and NXT TEC. have teamed up to house Indigenous Elders.

Spotlighting NXT TEC.’s collaboration and shared vision with Noongar Mia Mia, the article dives deeper into the Woodbridge Project and NXT TEC.’s commitment to delivering affordable, sustainable, and quality builds for Indigenous Australian Elders and their Carers.


The article explores the impact the Woodbridge Project is set to make, and features interviews with NXT TEC.’s Chairman and Managing Director, Natasha Di Ciano and Noongar Mia Mia’s Managing Director, Tina Ugle.


Read more here

Addressing Indigenous homelessness (Business News)_Page_1.jpg
NXT® Flatpack
under 3 hour assembly


View the time-lapse video of the NXT® Flatpack being assembled in under 3 hours, also demonstrating the assembly process which is all mechanical with no requirement for wet trades: NXT® Flatpack Assembly

The West Australian: High-tech solution for social housing


NXT TEC. featured in The West Australian on Wednesday 12 July 2023.


NXT TEC. is pleased to announce that we have been awarded four housing contracts with Government of Western Australia, Department of Communities – Housing Authority to build NXT®Residential homes, utilising the NXT®Building System Technologies.

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The West Australian:
Four days to lock-up


NXT TEC. featured in The West Australian on Wednesday 26 April 2023.


Game-changing WA technology offers accelerated hope to overly slow building times


NXT TEC. is excited to announce the launch of NXT®Residential Western Australia to deliver 400 homes in Western Australia.

Read article featured in The West Australian here

NXt® Residential Western Australia

NXT has launched NXT®Residential Western Australia for the affordable housing market.

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With fly-in, fly-out employees spending a significant portion of the year onsite, offering a comfortable, private and attractive living environment to support wellness and a fulfilling lifestyle outside of working hours is paramount.


NXT® Mine Site Studio Apartment showcases NXT’s innovation in mine site accommodation design to deliver a home away from home for regional workers. Our Australian patented technology and registered design provides an efficient, affordable, high quality and sustainable accommodation solution like no other. It is NXT® Mine Site Accommodation reimagined and re-engineered to create enhanced mine site living.

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NXT TEC. set For europe

NXT TEC. Ltd (NXT TEC.) featured in Business News on Monday 21 September 2020.


NXT TEC. is pleased to announce the grant of a patent by the European Patent Office (EPO) for the NXT® Spacedeck™ prefabricated floor system technology.


NXT® Spacedeck™ prefabricated floor system optimises energy consumption and speeds up build time for high-rise buildings whilst reducing material requirements. Entirely manufactured offsite, there is no in situ concrete pouring or curing, and no scaffolding or propping required. This results in no wastage of excess materials and delivers significant time, cost, quality and environmental benefits.

Read article featured in Business News here.

Licensing enquires for NXT® Spacedeck®  here

Simply building tomorrow.

NXT TEC. Ltd (NXT) is a scalable building technology company that is revolutionising built structures from the bottom up. Using smart, patented technology, NXT can assemble high-quality, environmentally friendly large-scale projects significantly faster than conventional construction.


NXT applies its fully integrated technology to the entire building process to provide a better way for building. A way that moves from an old-world construction model to an improved, efficient and sustainable model of assembly.

Find out more about the NXT Difference here.

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