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NXT TEC. Ltd (NXT) was honoured to be invited by National Australia Bank (NAB) to participate in NAB’s national conference to recognise the top 1% of its employees in customer service throughout Australia.

This year, the “NAB Honour 2019” conference was held in Western Australia and was attended by over 400 people at Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia, including 250 NAB “Honourees” and their invited guests, NAB Chairman Philip Chronican and other members of the bank’s Executive Team, and Julie Bishop, the former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The theme of this year’s conference was to “Back the Bold to Move Australia Forward”, and to share and celebrate “bold” bank customers that NAB has backed, the story of their progress and their role in the global community.

NXT was invited to share its story about what it means to have courage in business and to be an innovator with a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability.

Natasha Di Ciano, Chairman and Managing Director of NXT, was one of four chief executives who joined NAB’s senior leadership team members for a panel discussion and Q&A style session to share firsthand stories and insights of Western Australian companies that have advanced technology in their sectors to transform a range of traditional industries.

Being courageous has played a key role in the establishment and progression of NXT, which is a true disruptor to the construction industry that has remained unchanged for decades. With its fully integrated end-to-end building technology, NXT is enabling quality housing solutions to be more sustainable and affordable globally.

During the panel discussion Natasha said “I demonstrate courage every day because I have conviction when I speak of the opportunity for change. Knowing that we are providing a solution for the world that is of value drives me and helps me face any challenge and inspires me. I am most bold in the face of adversity, in situations that I regard are not in keeping with my own standards, and when I speak up for the truth, justice and equality.”

These are the values that underpin NXT, and NAB’s support for NXT and the NXT™ Technology as a sustainable and innovative building solution is important for the future of Australia and the planet.

We are also pleased to note that NAB has recently pledged $2 billion to support affordable and social housing initiatives in Australia, which includes increasing funding for developers of sustainable housing projects, and we look forward to continuing to work with NAB to take our company to the next level and realise opportunities for commercialisation and application of the NXT™ Technology in Australia and globally.

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