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NXT® Flatpack is a rapid deployment solution for DIY residential, commercial or accommodation projects.

It’s contemporary living for the modern, growing world. It’s enhanced liveability with NXT’s superior efficiency.

The product is delivered, ready to assemble safely with common hardware, as a system of prefabricated materials. All materials are available in three sizes and can be joined together to increase the building size and height, providing flexibility of scale for your project.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us.

View a sample of our plans below.

NXT Flatpack
1 Bedroom Single Storey 25m²

1 Bedroom

Single Storey 25m²

1 Bed Single Storey
4 Bedroom Single Storey 158m²  ​  ​

4 Bedroom

Single Storey 158m²

4 Bed Single Storey
3 Bedroom Double Storey 174m²  ​  ​

3 Bedroom

Double Storey 174m²

3 Bed Double Storey

4 Bedroom

Double Storey 216m²

4 Bedroom Double Storey 216m²  ​  ​
4 Bed Double Storey



NXT® Mine Site Resort is visually unique and aesthetically stylish mine site accommodation, offering recreational style living with an array of amenities, such as group dining and BBQ areas, and team sporting and fitness facilities to promote socialisation, group activities, and an overall healthy lifestyle. NXT offers two innovative accommodation options that deliver enhanced mine site living to support wellness and enable a fulfilling lifestyle outside of working hours.

NXT® Mine Site Accommodation is an Australian patented technology and is a fully scalable rapid-deployment accommodation solution utilising NXT’s innovative technology to provide affordable, high quality, sustainable and virtually immediately available single-storey units.

NXT® Mine Site Accommodation units are delivered to site ready to be assembled and fully fitted out in 24 hours, and have the option to accommodate their own water and solar supply. Each 25m² unit is divided into two self-sufficient units to offer employees their own sleeping, living, laundry, kitchen and bathroom space, as well as a private veranda to encourage socialisation and provide a relaxing, welcoming space for employees to enjoy their environment.

NXT® Mine Site Studio Apartment is an Australian patented technology and registered design. It is NXT® Mine Site Accommodation reimagined and reengineered to showcase the flexibility and scalability of our technologies and deliver an innovative high-rise alternative to ground floor units.

NXT® Mine Site Studio Apartment is a modular steel structure tower with unique design that supports fully self-contained 18m² one-bedroom units, a lobby entrance, a stairwell, and a lift center core. Each tower is configured with façade lighting to create a positive environment and enable easy identification of apartments.


NXT remote 5-star resort solutions offer rapid deployment, fully self-contained sophisticated units and infrastructure suitable for any landscape.


Designed with nature’s aesthetic front of mind, each 25sqm resort studio gives visitors everything they need for a relaxing stay, be it an overnight getaway or a longer adventure abroad.


Locally manufactured, NXT resort studios can be configured to suit existing infrastructure, or create a seamless integration of the structures with the natural environment with NXT unique resort designs.


With very little building down time – each studio can be assembled within 48 hours – NXT resorts provide a time-saving solution for project owners.


No environment is too rugged and no weather too precarious; NXT resort studios are able to withstand cyclones and the NXT® Technologies used are suitable for regions prone to earthquakes.

If you are interested in leasing options or becoming a distributor of NXT® Remote Resorts, please contact us.

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