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NXT® Footing

NXT® Building System

With a truly standardised system, NXT is lowering the barriers to building and making quality builds more accessible for people across the globe through the simplicity of manufacturing and assembly. We now have the ability to leave behind construction as we know it today, moving instead to a sophisticated system that delivers an assembly model to build the world around us.


The NXT® Building System revolutionises the building process, removing inefficiencies of traditional construction and providing a complete end-to-end flexible system that can meet any design specification.

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With a suite of 11 proprietary technologies that simply assemble together from the foundation up, the NXT® Building System optimises productivity end-to-end to deliver complete turnkey solutions for large-scale projects, significantly faster than conventional construction, without compromising quality or the environment.

NXT has undertaken independent testing to provide third party validation of the NXT® Building System. All testing has demonstrated the NXT® Building System technologies perform at or above the globally recognised Australian Standards (AS) and Building Code of Australia (BCA).

NXT Building System
NXT® Technologies

NXT embraces technology to revolutionise how the future is being built. In identifying ways to optimise conventional construction, NXT developed 11 sophisticated, simple technologies based on existing, proven products used in construction.


As a result, NXT’s proprietary technologies deliver faster, more efficient, greener and higher quality buildings, which can be integrated with traditional construction techniques and materials to optimise existing products, or implemented as part of the NXT®  Building System for superior results.

NXT Technologies

NXT® Spacedeck®


The NXT® Spacedeck® is a steel housing structure that incorporates large, hollow balls and concrete to lighten and strengthen floor slabs. By reducing concrete requirements by up to 25 percent, the NXT® Spacedeck® optimises build time and energy consumption.

Design registrations have been granted for the void former component of the NXT® Spacedeck® in Australia, Europe including the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, among others.

NXT Spacedeck.jpg

NXT® Structural Panel


Used for load-bearing internal and external walls, this panel inserts between low-density fibre cement sheets and is a lightweight panel that provides additional insulation to a building structure.

NXT Structural Panel.jpg

NXT® Non-Structural Panel


Used for internal walls, this panel is lightweight and thin, offering optimised insulation to the building structure and negating the requirement to paint or plaster internal surfaces.

non structureal panel small 90v2.jpg

NXT® Bathroom Pod


This is a totally prefabricated, fully-fitted bathroom that can be lifted and installed onsite, saving time on a project where construction is often hindered by bathrooms being built in situ.


NXT® Column


This prefabricated four-storey column extends a structure to achieve virtually limitless building heights.


NXT® Casting Lock


This is a mechanical joining technology to connect concrete slabs and panels without welding, which is typically standard practice in conventional construction.


NXT® Beam


This sophisticated technology is thinner than beams used in conventional construction, which reduces vertical space wastage and enables the addition of building levels without compromising the overall building height.


NXT® Precast Panel

This is a high strength panel with a concrete-based structure housing an insulating core. When compared to conventional construction, the NXT® Precast Panel offers improved strength, durability and energy efficiency without the requirement of additional cladding.


NXT® Wafflepod


Conventional footings require digging and large quantities of concrete to establish a slab. The NXT® Wafflepod™ is an advanced void former that mitigates the risk of adverse effects of direct contact between a slab and the ground, improves energy efficiency and reduces build time. It is particularly effective when used on clay soil sites and requires less concrete than typical void formers.

NXT waffle pod 90.jpg

NXT® Footing


This prefabricated footing is installed and secured to NXT® Piling to provide rigid support to the foundations of a structure.

NXT footing 02.jpg

NXT® Piling


This is a true, advanced blade and screw piling system that offers an alternative to conventional screw piles. It is designed to be installed quickly with minimal directional straying while still maximising the support capability. With precise vertical alignment, minimal soil disturbance and an increased load-bearing capacity, NXT® Piling supports the foundations of any structure.

Building Compliance
Building compliance

The NXT® Building System technologies have been specifically designed, engineered and tested to comply with the following areas of the Australian Standards (AS) and Building Code of Australia (BCA):

NXT Building System Complaince (1920).png

Key results from rigorous structural, acoustic and fire testing of individual NXT® Technologies include:


NXT® Spacedeck®


NXT® Spacedeck® is 100 per cent prefabricated off-site in a controlled environment, unlike conventional systems which combine offsite and onsite pouring. Further, it is a structural floor system that utilises NXT® Void Formers, which create concrete trusses in a cross-member arrangement throughout the internal structure.


NXT® Spacedeck® structural validation testing exceeded the structural design requirements of the maximum bending moment by two times and the structural stiffness (EI) values by five per cent.

NXT® Spacedeck® acoustic validation testing exceeded the highest acoustic rating required to be BCA/ NCC2016 compliant.


NXT® Spacedeck® fire validation testing achieved a three-hour fire rating exceeding three times the minimum load bearing fire rating requirement for BCA/NCC2016 compliance.

NXT® Non-Structural Panel


NXT® Non-Structural Panel is a thin 185mm wide wall. The NXT® Non-Structural Panel was tested and obtained the highest acoustic rating required for non-loadbearing walls within the BCA/NCC 2016. Conventional walls with similar ratings are up to 250mm and require specialised acoustic dampening fixings and a second internal stud structure.


The fire validation testing of NXT® Non-Structural Panel achieved a 2.5-hour fire rating, exceeding the minimum non-loadbearing requirement for BCA/NCC2016 compliance by more than two times.

NXT® Non-Structural Panel exceeded the minimum structural design requirements for BCA/NCC2016 compliance by almost two times, exceeding the strength requirements for internal use in all wind regions of Australia.



NXT® Beam


NXT® Beam is just 250mm high, while conventional beams are up to 900mm, depending on the span. The vertical efficiency of the 250mm high beam is advantageous for buildings with height restrictions, like the Wyndham LUX Perth Hotel, as it removes the wasted space above the ceiling and below the floor. For the Wyndham LUX, NXT® Beam enabled an extra level to be added to the structure.

® Beam structural validation testing exceeded the structural design requirements for the maximum bending moment by 33% and the structural stiffness (EI) values by 18 per cent.



NXT® Casting Lock


NXT® Casting Lock offers a ductile mode when reaching its limit. This is highly desirable for the safety of building occupants during construction and service life. Conventional casting plates undergo sudden catastrophic failure when reaching their limits. NXT® Casting Lock is a high accuracy and simple connection method.


NXT® Casting Lock structural validation testing exceeded the structural design requirements for the corner connection by 72 per cent and the straight connection by 32 per cent.

Eurocodes European standards

The NXT® Building System technologies have been specifically designed and engineered and have been tested and certified in compliance with the following Eurocodes European Standards, which have been adopted in Singapore using the relevant SS EN National Annex:

NXT eurocodes certification table (1920).png
NXT® Flatpack precast building compliance

The NXT® Flatpack (Precast) has been specifically designed and engineered, and has been tested and certified in compliance with, the following AS, BCA and NCC requirements:

building compliance table.png
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