Catastrophic bushfires have burned more than 10 million hectares of land across the country this summer, causing serious injury, death and the destruction of towns, homes, farms and businesses.

The response, recovery and rebuilding efforts faced by governments and communities are of an unprecedented scale, including the provision of shelter for the many families who have been displaced by the fires.

The thousands of Australians who were forced to flee their homes deserve to feel safe, secure and comfortable until their homes are rebuilt, and they can return.

An affordable but high-quality housing solution is urgently needed, and we would like to do our part to alleviate the harm and stress experienced by our fellow Australians.


Our Response


NXT™ Flatpack is an Australian designed and manufactured, all-in-one rapid deployment accommodation turnkey solution which can be used for emergency and immediate disaster response, as well as permanent applications.



  • 25m² studio with two bedrooms and ensuite, shared entry and water closet.


  • Comes fully furnished and can accommodate up to 6 people.


  • A high quality, comfortable and sustainable product that simply cannot be achieved by other temporary accommodation solutions.


  • A rapid deployment solution, delivered to site as a system of prefabricated and precast materials, that can be assembled within 24 hours using common hardware.


  • A quick, affordable, fire resistant and Region D cyclone rated alternative to traditional construction, utilising labour and materials from reputable Australian trades and suppliers.


  • No limit to our capacity to supply the volume of units required to respond to this disaster.



The NXT™ Flatpack is designed, manufactured and BCA certified in Australia. The structure of the NXT™ Flatpack weighs 21 tonne and is suitable for cyclonic, bushfire and earthquake areas, with two hours fire resistance.


The NXT™ Flatpack is designed and engineered to the following standards and codes:



EMERGENCY Disaster Relief Accommodation

NXT™ Flatpack can be used to create an emergency camp in the form of clusters, with additional structures such as a commercial kitchen/canteen, communal gathering halls, and shower facilities as required. 

TEMPORARY Accommodation During Rebuild

NXT™ Flatpack units can also be relocated and/or converted for temporary use as residents rebuild their properties.

PERMANENT Residential Accommodation and

Commercial Infrastructure

The NXT™ Building System technology can deliver permanent residential housing for those impacted by the bushfires, as well as commercial and industrial buildings to rebuild affected communities for the future. 



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