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Our vision

Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement - (Japan)


NXT is dedicated to its long-term vision of being the leading global provider of innovative building solutions to simply build tomorrow.


With our specialist capabilities in designing and engineering high-quality, efficient, large-scale projects rapidly, we will deliver sustainable buildings, cities and communities with integrity.


We are committed to conducting our business ethically and respectfully to provide our customers with real, tangible value, and the communities in which we operate with social benefits, employment and quality, environmentally friendly and affordable accommodation.

Our Vision
Our Leadership


Natasha Di Ciano

Chairman and Managing Director

BComm (Curtin) CPA MAICD

Natasha Di Ciano has over 23 years of corporate experience in listed and private organisations across the technology, construction, property, marketing and public relations, professional services and education sectors. Throughout her career, Natasha has founded and commercialised several innovative companies and is driven by her motivation to create a valuable impact in the global community. Natasha brings to NXT her passion for sustainable business, continuous improvement, governance, corporate and organisational strategy and connecting people to effect change.  Natasha leads NXT with purpose, confidence and conviction to take the NXT® Technology to the global market and change the future of construction.


Natasha holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Law), is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD). With an entrepreneurial spirit, Natasha’s knowledge and understanding of business and people are exemplary. A Business News 40under40 award recipient, Natasha was recognised for her success as a trusted advisor and mentor to professionals and companies to achieve their potential through brand building, talent acquisition and retention.


Most noted for her advocacy for human rights and the underprivileged, Natasha founded and is the Chairman of Dine for Life, a not-for-profit that has raised significant funds to help women and children affected by human trafficking and exploitation globally. She has also established, and is a director of, two Australian charities that have provided financial support to children requiring urgent medical treatment. These are a true testament to what can be accomplished when compassionate minds merge and take action.

Natasha Di Ciano

Mataki O’Goshi Lim

Technical Director and Inventor of  NXT® Building System Technologies

BArch (UWA) Registered Building Practitioner

Mataki O’Goshi Lim has more than 30 years of experience in building technology, design, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, master planning and construction management across residential and commercial projects, from affordable housing solutions to high profile multi-million dollar developments across Australia, Asia and Europe. Holding a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Western Australia and a Building Practitioner Licence (BC104357), Mataki O’Goshi Lim is a visionary who invented the NXT® Building System, a suite of patented technologies, showcased at the NXT Research & Development Facility which was built by Mataki O’Goshi Lim. Having also worked in Germany, China and South East Asia, his extensive knowledge and networks have enabled him to successfully engage with suppliers, customers and channel partners.


Mataki O’Goshi Lim brings his global vision to NXT, where he approaches international construction problems with simplicity. He identifies weaknesses in the construction sector and, in creating the NXT® Building System, Mataki O’Goshi Lim invented a solution to fix the industry’s flaws and has proven its potential to work on a large, international scale. This has been recognised by the Australian Government, which awarded NXT with an Accelerating Commercialisation grant to expand the capabilities of the technology to the global market.


Having grown up in Asia amongst poverty, Mataki O’Goshi Lim is humble, ethical, results-oriented and motivated by technology’s ability to enable populations worldwide to have access to better structures, faster, cheaper and without compromising quality and the environment. Mataki O’Goshi Lim leads through his philosophy of empowerment, encouragement and recognition. With the intention of giving opportunity to all, Mataki O’Goshi Lim is founder and director of Madalyn Children’s Foundation, a not-for-profit that provides financial aid to children who require serious medical treatment. Mataki O’Goshi Lim has custom designed, manufactured and built a modular concept Batmobile vehicle for fundraising.

mataki pro shot.jpg

Jack Schoppe

Company Secretary


Jack Schoppe is a dedicated company secretary with a strong foundation in corporate governance.


Jack holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Business Law) (UWA), Diploma of Chartered Accounting (CAANZ) and Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance (AGIA/ACG).


With over 12 years of experience in audit and finance management and working along-side company secretaries of various public listed, public unlisted and proprietary companies, Jack brings a proven track record of financial acumen, regulatory compliance and reporting deliverables.


Jack specialises in corporate governance, ASX and ASIC regulatory compliance and financial reporting as a Chief Financial Officer. He has prior experience working with companies in the construction and technology sectors with operations in Australia, Singapore and Israel.

Jack Schoppe.jpg
Working with us
Working with us


NXT demonstrates to project owners that they will receive a higher quality product in less time than a conventional build. The NXT® Building System improves project efficiency by simplifying the building process from design to completion.


Globally, barriers to collaboration in construction have led to increases in price, wastage and time delays as projects continue to be delivered through a disaggregated approach with individual stakeholders who lack a systematic way to share information.


NXT’s collaboration model removes the incredible amount of inefficiency that exists on conventional construction sites globally. Traditional construction is complex, requiring highly skilled, specialised personnel. This often results in a lack of communication between parties as each specialisation speaks their own language.

NXT simplifies the building process by connecting each stakeholder on a project, while the NXT® Building System enables them to communicate in a common language, reducing complexity – and therefore cost and time – across the project. It is sophisticated simplicity.

By implementing the NXT® Building System, project owners have a precisely engineered solution where every step of the traditional construction process is brought forward. This way, key stakeholders across the construction environment collaborate from the beginning and are accountable for delivering projects to standard, on time and on budget.


Implementation is hassle-free. NXT facilitates and controls the building process, costs, time and quality with its fully-integrated assembly solution.



Our project delivery model can be summarised as follows:

NXT has developed and owns the NXT® Building System technologies and provides products, licences and services to apply the NXT® Building System to projects. 

NXT’s role is to act as Lead Consultant to project owners and developers and to coordinate and manage a project.

This includes:

✓ Single point of contact for client with NXT as Lead Consultant

✓ Project design, documentation and specification

✓ Appointment of qualified, experienced and reputable building firms to undertake building and assembly utilising their building licence

✓ Close management and oversight of projects to ensure successful implementation, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance of project delivery schedules
and quality control

✓ Coordinating and managing relationships, warranties and insurances between the client and builder, subcontractors (manufacturers) and consultants

✓ Delivery of the completed build to the client as a turnkey solution

If you are interested in discussing licensing and use of the NXT® Building System for your projects, please contact us.

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NXT TEC. Ltd. was awarded a substantial grant from the Australian Government, as part of its Accelerating Commercialisation programme.

For more information about this, read our dedicated blog

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