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As NXT’s inaugural project using and showcasing the complete NXT® Building System, its Research and Development Facility (NXT R&D Facility) is in Western Australia. A greenfield project built by NXT using the NXT® Building System, the R&D facility is NXT’s innovation hub where no idea is too big and no dream is unattainable. Within the walls of the facility, the NXT team works to change the way we are simply building tomorrow.


The NXT R&D Facility uses the NXT® Building System in a modular format, which can be reused to adapt to the future needs of the business. Within the state-of-the-art facility, NXT houses its research and development team, which is dedicated to creating new and optimising existing NXT® Technologies that can be applied to projects globally.  


The facility, located in Perth, Western Australia, is ideally located for collaborating with Australian universities for research into sustainable urbanisation.

See video of NXT R&D Facility and Environmental Product Declaration announcement below:

R&D Facility
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