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Domain: $200 million project is Australia’s most expensive ever residential build

NXT TEC.’s latest project was featured in Domain on Tuesday 30 April 2024 as the most expensive residential build in Australia to date.

Described as the new benchmark for the prestige real estate market, the article reveals that the Shire of Chittering has granted approval for the construction of Madalyn Manor, a $200 million project in the south of Perth, Western Australia. 

It notes that the new project overshadows not only the value of Ed Craven’s $145 million residence in Toorak, but also the house price record of $130 million in Australia.

Occupying 40,000 square metres, the article mentions that the manor will be the personal residence of Mataki O’Goshi Lim, the developer and inventor of the NXT Building System.

Expected to reach completion in three years, the residence will feature 26 rooms, four kitchens designed for specific cuisines complemented by an impressive four-storey wine cellar, including a ballroom, dining room, night club, music studio, bowling alley, arcade with laser tag, sports facilities, rooftop pool, and a helipad.


Credits: Domain, Kristy Johnson

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