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MEDIA RELEASE: NXT TEC. launches NXT™ Residential enabling new homes to be built in under six months

  • Under the licensing agreement, new homes will be distributed by Common Sense and built using NXT TEC.’s ground-breaking technology

  • NXT TEC.’s end-to-end rapid deployment building system is 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with homes assembled on site

26 April 2023: Prefabricated building technology company, NXT TEC., has today launched NXT™ Residential Western Australia (“NXT™ Residential") under an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement for its revolutionary building system in the affordable housing market.

Innovative property and finance solutions company, Common Sense Property and Finance (“Common Sense”), has been selected as the exclusive distributor of NXT™ Residential across Western Australia.

NXT Builds the licensed building company for NXT™ Residential Western Australia will be manufacturing and assembling these residential homes on site delivering quality houses in half the time of a traditional build.

Under the licensing and distribution agreement, Common Sense and NXT Builds will initially deliver 100 homes, with an additional 300 houses in the pipeline. Each home will be delivered in under-six months, with the build taking just 10 days to reach lock-up. NXT™ Residential houses are built to a NatHERS 7-Star energy rating and use prefabricated, locally-manufactured technologies and suppliers, resulting in a low environmental impact.

The first houses will be located in Ellenbrook, Wellard, Anketell, and Wandi, with more sites to be announced across Western Australia in due course.

“Our licensing and distribution agreement with Common Sense for NXT™ Residential is a gamechanger and will start to directly address some of the significant unmet housing demand across Western Australia. Western Australia has experienced a surge in new home builds and affordable housing is required to relieve a tight rental market. We are committed to delivering high quality, accessible, and fast housing solutions to home buyers. Not only is this significantly faster and more cost effective than construction, but it also reduces on-site waste to near zero,” said Natasha Di Ciano, Chairman and Managing Director of NXT TEC.

NXT TEC. has developed and owns the world’s first complete building system. Its patented technology enables the manufacturing and assembly of homes, rather than construction. At a time when labour shortages and increasing build costs are significantly impacting the residential housing industry in Western Australia, NXT TEC.’s scalable building solution quickly navigates these issues.

“As one of Perth’s leading alternative finance providers, we have an in-depth understanding of the struggles Western Australian home buyers are facing. With average wait times of 12 to 15 months to build a house, our licence to distribute NXT™ Residential to Western Australian home buyers will reduce this gap by 60 per cent, allowing owners to move in much faster. This means home buyers can begin their financial journey with us, and receive a key to the door in less than six months,” said David Williams, Director of Common Sense.

For more information on purchasing a home, please visit the Common Sense website here.

About NXT TEC.

NXT TEC. Ltd is an Australian building technology company with a focus on scalable residential projects to improve housing accessibility for those who need it most. The patented technologies revolutionise the way in which residential projects are designed and executed by using its prefabricated assembly system based on simple structural elements from foundation to complete build.

The technologies collectively known as the NXT™ Building System provide a complete turnkey solution enabling faster, greener, affordable, high quality builds of large scale housing projects. Unlike conventional construction, the NXT™ Building System is designed, engineered and manufactured with a high degree of precision before any construction commences onsite.

The NXT™ Building System improves all-round efficiency by simplifying, standardising and managing the process from design to manufacture to assembly whilst ensuring all local compliance standards are met. The technologies then lock together on-site significantly improving site safety and efficiency. All NXT™ Residential houses built using the NXT™ Building System receives a NatHERS 7-Star energy rating.

About Common Sense Property & Finance

Common Sense Property & Finance (“Common Sense”) is a property and finance firm that specialises in simplifying the complexity of real estate and finance. Its team is comprised of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge providing personalised services to first-time homebuyers or experienced property investors.

Common Sense has a track record of success in delivering high-quality projects with over 500 homes delivered to date. In addition they provides financial solutions, including commercial, residential and investment loans and have established relationships with 78 lenders for funding options across Australia.

Common Sense is the exclusive distributor for NXT™ Residential Western Australia and individuals and investors who wish to procure the construction of a NXT™ Residential home will need to contact Common Sense.

Download the print-friendly article here

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