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Inspiring next gen thinking for the future

At NXT TEC. Ltd (NXT), we embrace and respect the perspectives and inquisitive natures millennial minds have. There’s a real sense of entrepreneurship and creativity emerging from the next generation of game changers and that’s an exciting prospect that current leaders should be harnessing. As a business, we find it important to inspire future generations to have the courage to apply their visions and ideas to seek alternative ways of improving themselves, each other, the community and the planet. In particular, those with an interest in modern science and how technology can be applied to transform entire industries.

That’s why, in late April, we were thrilled to invite Curtin University’s Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) students to the NXT Research & Development Facility (R&D Facility) for an open day.

At NXT, we’re pushing the boundaries of the building industry by looking well beyond traditional engineering; we are committed to pursuing new developments in technology to provide better solutions worldwide, to simply build tomorrow. It was a privilege showcasing what we’re making possible by applying contemporary science to our industry.

At the event, we unveiled the BluVR-V16 Engine3, our one of a kind super computer system hand-built by NXT Founder and Inventor Mat Lim and our design team. This incredibly innovative technology will be enroute to Hong Kong in the coming weeks. The BluVR-V16 Engine3 will provide the opportunity for people abroad to be transported instantly to any of our projects to experience the NXT™ Technologies in action through virtual and augmented reality. We look forward to sharing more on this with you soon.

We’re paving the way for next generation ideas and have high aspirations for the students we welcomed to the R&D Facility.

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