With our nation still recovering from a catastrophic summer of bushfires that left thousands of families displaced, Australia’s governments and public health authorities are now dealing with an even more unprecedented humanitarian and health crisis of global proportions.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses additional challenges in every jurisdiction in Australia, and will place further strain on existing hospitals, health care facilities and systems which are already at or near capacity particularly as the winter months approach.


Urgent provision needs to be made for surge capacity in urban, rural and regional areas for:

  • Additional hospital beds and equipment

  • Temporary Intensive Care Units

  • Clinics and testing facilities

  • Accommodation for essential healthcare workers

  • Quarantine of affected individuals

  • Isolation of returning travellers and other potentially vulnerable individuals

NXT has a ready-made all-Australian solution using our unique building technology to provide affordable, high quality and virtually immediately available units, which can be manufactured and assembled using local labour and materials, and which can be utilised for any or all of the above requirements (and re-purposed for other requirements in future).




NXT™ Flatpack is an Australian designed and manufactured, all-in-one rapid deployment solution that is safe, affordable, adaptable and highly suited to respond to crisis of this nature and scale.


NXT™ Flatpack is more than simply a “product” that is supplied, it is a building technology solution that is licensed by us to local manufacturers and builders, and one hundred per cent of the manufacturing and assembly of the NXT™ Flatpack occurs locally.

This means that the NXT™ Flatpack can be rolled out in another jurisdiction without the need for materials or personnel to cross borders, and ensures the health and safety of all suppliers, manufacturers and builders involved in the entire supply chain.



  • All-Australian made and no imported products or materials.

  • Suited to urban, rural and regional areas which would require additional resources or time to provide emergency accommodation using traditional construction methods.

  • Self-sufficient and suitable for areas which do not have existing infrastructure, utilities or services.

  • A rapid deployment solution delivered to site as a system of prefabricated precast materials, that can be assembled within 24 hours per unit using common hardware and with simple fit-outs.

  • Utilises local suppliers, manufacturers, trades and labour, which can create up to 400 local jobs (based on manufacturing and delivery of 100 NXT™ Flatpack units).

  • Units range in size from 25m² to 75m², and various configurations and fit-out options are available to suit different requirements and budgets.

  • High Bushfire Attack Level (BAL-40), cyclone rated for wind region D, suitable for earthquake prone areas, NatHERS 6-star energy rating, and has achieved structural and acoustic compliance.

  • Meets Australian Standards (AS), Building Code of Australia (BCA), all safety requirements and has been accredited with an international Environmental Production Declaration (EPD) for its environmental performance.

  • End-to-end project management from procurement to delivery, assembly and quality assurance by NXT.

  • National network of reputable and qualified builders, certified by the Federal Safety Commissioner, who can undertake building and assembly utilising their building licence and maintains insurances.


Each NXT™ Flatpack unit weighs 21 tonne and is suitable for cyclonic, bushfire and earthquake-prone areas.


The NXT™ Flatpack is designed, manufactured and built in Australia to the following standards and codes:



EMERGENCY Disaster Relief Accommodation

NXT™ Flatpack can be used to create an emergency camp in the form of clusters and/or re-purposed for future use. This NXT™ Flatpack configuration is a compact design featuring dual entry and can be fitted with a kitchenette.

TEMPORARY Accommodation During Rebuild

Stand-alone NXT™ Flatpack units can be relocated and/or converted for temporary use (for example in regions affected by the NSW bushfires, as residents rebuild their properties). This NXT™ Flatpack configuration is single entry, and can be fitted with a kitchen.

PERMANENT Quarantine Facility and Commercial Infrastructure

The NXT™ Building System technology can rapidly deploy permanent accommodation and buildings suited to high density areas. It is a faster, more affordable and higher quality alternative to conventional construction.



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